Business Interruption Insurance

Get Business Interruption Insurance So You Don’t Interrupt Your Income 

You’ve got insurance... the plan that covers you and your business when things go wrong or if Mother Nature wrongs you. But what about the insurance that keeps the cash coming in…that protects your income? 

Yes, there’s insurance for this.  And it’s called Business Interruption Insurance.

Just because your doors are closed, it doesn’t mean you get a free pass on paying your business lease, utilities, payroll or other monthly expenses.  Also known as Loss of Income Insurance, this type of coverage helps to maintain your business income so you can focus on getting your business running smoothly again. 

Business Interruption Insurance: Too Good to be True?

It really isn’t! As a contractor you don’t often think of dealing with issues like fires, floods, vandalism, or arson, but common risks for contractors like these could force you to close your doors indefinitely.

You need to make sure that money keeps coming in while you get back on your feet. Business Interruption Insurance makes sure that your company’s income isn’t interrupted while your business is. 

Based on a study published by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, 25% of businesses that close following disasters, such as fires and floods, do not reopen. 

Don’t be a statistic. Get covered with the right plan.

What Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

  • Profits
  • Operating expenses still incurred by the property
  • Cost of temporary location
  • Reimbursement of reasonable expenses

I’m Careful, and I’m Not Really Big Enough to Need Business Interruption Insurance

Trust us, as experts in the field of issuing contractors insurance, unless you work entirely from your work van, you need this coverage.

But seriously, while you might not have a storefront with lots of foot traffic, you probably have a workshop. There you schedule jobs, draw up plans, and store your vehicles and equipment when they aren’t in use. 

All it takes is one electrical fire, one freak accident of nature, and your entire business could go up into flames—literally. Your property insurance would cover the structure and the tools, but any income you would have earned for the unforeseeable future may be gone. 

Working with Westfield for Business Interruption Insurance

Westfield Insurance‘s goal is to look out for you. When we recommend Business Interruption Insurance coverage for your business, we speak from more than a century’s worth of experience working with contractors. We’re a business that values you, your time, and your protection.