Electricians - Rewire Your Insurance Plans

Hey Sparky. You might often deal with burns and shocks from bad or live wires. Don’t get jolted by your insurance coverage, too.

Is your business growing?  Or maybe you’ve had a close call (electrical fires... not on your watch!) and realized that you need better insurance.  Haven’t heard from your agent in awhile?  However you got here, we’re glad you found us. Welcome to Westfield!

Electricians Insurance to Cover Your Assets

Westfield's Contractor Signature Series

Whether you’re a journeyman or master electrician, you know the risks of your industry.  That’s why it is important to carry insurance coverage created with electricians in mind. Westfield has it. We know the risks and can help you best assess them to get the insurance protection you need.

Risks are everywhere. Just stop for a second and think:

  • Does your team wear protective equipment like arc flash clothing, goggles, safety harnesses and lifelines?
  • What safety measures do you have in place to guard against hazardous materials like lead, mold, fungi and solvents?
  • When working in public, how do you prevent against theft? 
  • Does your shop even have a working smoke alarm?
  • What have you done to protect your major equipment and installation materials?
  • If a crewman is injured on the job, do you have the money to pay for his bills? And are you even compliant with the state’s Workers’ Compensation laws?

Our Agents Know Electrical

Westfield Insurance agents have seen a lot: from blown fuses and charred cabinets to fried wires and burns galore. Electrical accidents just happen ― no matter how good you and your crew are. Our insurance products are built with electricians as the focus. We know your needs, your risks, your industry, and how to best protect you.