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Do You Know How to Best Protect Your Business?

Find the Right Contractor’s Insurance Coverage For Your Business

Accidents and mishaps can happen to anyone, and common risks don’t discriminate against large, mid-sized or small businesses. Whether you’re an electrician, HVAC technician or plumber running a small business, you face a unique set of exposures that require insurance coverage specific to your industry.

Do you know what coverages you’re required to carry for your industry? What about coverage for part-time or seasonal employees? Did you know that you can implement loss control measures to reduce risks and lower insurance costs?  

Whether you’re starting a business or reviewing your insurance program, it’s important you understand how insurance can help protect you, your employees and business from unnecessary loss.

What Insurance Does Your Contractor Business Call For?

Insurance coverage by contractor / industry: 

Some insurance coverages may be obvious necessities for your business, and some may be not-so-obvious ones. At Westfield, we specialize in contractor insurance and understand the individual needs of a small business. Our network of independent agents work directly with small business owners to help guide you to find the best plans tailored to your needs.