HVAC Insurance to Vent Your Struggles

Hey Tin Tapper.  Whether you’re an air conditioning/heating mechanic or a commercial HVAC specialist, you know how tricky your job can be.

Have you ever had a close call—maybe almost fallen through someone’s attic? Or have you filed a claim only to find you didn’t have the right coverage?  If so, it surely made you realize how important a good insurance plan, agent and company are to your business. We’re that company. We have that insurance. And we’re glad you found us. Welcome to Westfield!

HVAC Insurance That Has Your Back

Westfield's Contractor Signature Series

You’re a business owner. That means you take protecting your company, crew and equipment as seriously as you take passing compliance inspections. To make sure you’re in the clear, you know you need the right insurance. 

At Westfield, you’ll find insurance programs customized for HVAC technicians just like you:

  • Do you always safely handle refrigerants and other hazardous materials on the job site? 
  • Can you pay for repairs due to faulty part installation?
  • Is your crew’s work van properly insured? (…for when they scrape past a client’s mailbox?)
  • Does everyone wear personal protective equipment… that properly fits?
  • Do you follow proper hot work protocols every time you light up your torch?
  • Can you honestly say that in all your years as an HVAC technician, you’ve never fallen off a ladder? (Be honest!)

Don’t find yourself out in the cold—unprotected and underinsured. From the moment you leave for work, you’ve entered a world of chill-inducing situations. Get the information you need to make smart insurance decisions for your business from our risk and claims experts.

Westfield’s Hot for HVAC Coverage

Not sure which is right for you? Don’t sweat it! Westfield Insurance agents understand your needs. In an industry where HVAC work happens at all hours of the day and night, you just don’t have time to fool with dissecting insurance plan coverage. So don’t - call a Westfield agent. Westfield offers insurance products for HVAC technicians just like you, we know your industry (and can talk about it), and we respect your time.