Worker's Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Comp For Your Risky Business

If they go down, you could go down, too. Contractors, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians are all risky professions that could result in work site injuries.

Working in one of these industries means you must provide workers compensation ― in most states it’s the law.

Insurance to Protect Your Workers as Much as it Protects You

Our job is to be there when you need us the most.  And every day, we deal with claims that could force businesses without proper coverage to close their doors.

Would your business be able to cover expenses and medical bills that come with injuries like these?

  • A strong wind tossed your employee off a rooftop, breaking both his legs.
  • Several members of your crew were electrocuted so badly that they spent 6 weeks in the hospital.
  • One of your employees was struck by a falling floor plank, resulting in lengthy medical bills and missed worked days.
  •  A worker you hired as a subcontractor had a critical car accident.
  • A crewman had his spine crushed on the job, resulting in nearly a year of rehabilitation just to get him walking again

Injuries like these happen to people in your industry every single day.

If an employee is injured while working for you, it’s important that you have coverage in place to help cover their medical expenses and protect your business.

Compensate Your Injured Workers

If an employee has to visit the emergency room for an injury, if they require physical therapy to treat the on-the-job injury, or if they are simply unable to work, Workers’ Compensation Insurance will provide you and your employee the protection needed to face these circumstances.

The essential items that Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers include:

  • Employee medical expenses
  • Employee lost income if they’re unable to return to work (temporarily or permanently)
  • Rehabilitation to help employees recover from injury
  • Benefits to survivors in the event of a tragic fatality

In an industry as risk-prone as yours, every business should have Workers’ Compensation Insurance ― even if it isn’t mandated. This coverage is a simple, effective way to protect your company, employees and financial wellbeing.

Choose Westfield for Workers’ Comp

When Westfield Insurance agents suggest Workers’ Compensation Insurance requirements for you and your business, we speak from years of working with contractors. We’re familiar with your industry, we speak your language, and we have your back.